Big Rig Aussie Bulldogs



Aussie Bulldog Breed Standard


Characteristics & Temperament:

A proud looking dog when viewed with expression. Great family companion enjoying affection from its owners. Should not show aggression towards people. Lay back easy going nature, while having good watch dog abilities. Very stable in nature with a predictable character. Enjoys playing in the water. Best to start obedience training and socialization at an early age. Aussie Bulldog lifespan if on a good diet and exercised regularly should live to 10 or more years.


Head, Skull & Eyes:

Head to be broad and square when viewed from all angles.1 to 3 folds of wrinkle across the nose. Skull measurements should equal height of dog. The Stop between the eyes should be deep and defined and the distance from the stop to the Occiput should be 2/3 to 1/3 of the muzzle. The occiput is the back of the head. Eyes to be set wide apart with a good width of Muzzle. Any shade of eye colour acceptable except light blue (white)

Nostrils to be open not small. 


Top and bottom jaws to be broad. Canines set wide apart. Preferably no greater then 1/4 inch undershot.
Teeth should not be seen protruding from the mouth, rye mouths are a serious fault.


Are to be of moderate size. Set wide apart never erect, placed forward giving a square appearance. Rosie shaped acceptable.



Back to be of good length, not to short causing restricted movement, Should be in proportion to the rest of the body.
Slightly tapering at the withers and have a nice straight top line with tail set coming straight off the back. Roach and sway backs are a fault. Shoulders and hips should be the same width.
Body length and height should be the same, giving a box appearance.


Should be short tight to body and smooth, not thick and harsh.



To be of Moderate length, thick with slight arch preferred.

Forequarters, Shoulders & Feet:

To have good Depth and Width of Brisket, well let down between forearms, not concaved. Shoulders to be well angled with good spring of rib.
Good thickness and boning of front forearms being set wide apart; should be straight and powerful.

Feet not splayed, cat type preferred, up on pasterns not down.


Hindquarters & Hocks:

Hindquarters should be muscular showing great strength with movement. Good thickness of thigh area.
Hocks to be moderately bent not straight .Cow hocked undesirable. Should move straight when viewed from all angles.


Thickset at base, Straight (either short or Long) Screw Tail or Crank Tail Acceptable.