Big Rig Aussie Bulldogs 

Our squishies

Gold Rush Suzi Quatro 'Lola'

Pure Fawn
Chocolate Carrier
DNA BbBb ay/ay

89.97% 3rd Generation


Lola is a perfect specimen for the Aussie Bulldog breed. She has a loving and caring temperement and we thank the stars that she is a part of our family every day.





Dazzabulls Stella 'Georgia'

Red Sable
Chocolate Carrier, sable carrier with tri/tan points
DNA Bbd  ay/at

96.55% 1st Generation


Georgia is our sweet little ball of cuteness. She will bring solid bloodlines to our breeding program. Her outstanding lineage will sustain the traditional english Bulldog shape,whilst incorporating the Aussie bulldog traits. She is a loyal companion always by my side like the traditional companion bulldog.




Our Newest addition coming soon.....