Big Rig Aussie Bulldogs 

Puppy Information

Years of planning go into the selection of parents for a litter of pups.Plus on top of that the planning at the home for the pups arrival. We want to ensure that the pups get the best possible care as soon as they enter the world. People think its an easy ride, but be assured its like have many newborns babies to attend to around the clock 24/7 plus attending to the mother dogs needs. I have listed a few topics below for your reading.

 If you have any questions please feel free to email us.



What sets us apart from other breeders?

As we are not backyard breeders or a puppy mill we have two gorgeous girls we have raised from from puppies that live with us

24 /7 , The litters will be few and far between and when we say we have forever homes for our puppies with us we don't mean a shed or dog run we mean they rule the roost with the run of the whole house. Rest assured both mum and puppies have had the best of care.We are on call around the clock ensuring every little cutie pie is receiving the best care possible,And also ensuring mum is also comfortable and well looked after.

How the Waitlist works

At around the age of 4 weeks we will go through the waitlist and give preference to first approved cadidate on the list working our way down. Once a puppy has been agreed upon between the buyer and seller,we will require a non-refundable deposit to be paid. We don't believe in putting half the money down for a pup, we believe in more of a common sense approach. The deposit amount is $200. This confirms the puppy is now not available to others.

This amount is NOT NEGOTIABLE and Not Refundable- So please ensure to choose your puppy carefully

The only case where this deposit will be refunded is if the puppy becomes unwell before the date of sale.

Whats included with my puppy?
  • Puppy vaccinations

  • Breed certificate

  • Puppy Pack which will includes a puppy blankie,toy,collar and lead set.Also puppy food they are currently having.

  • Crate trained.This will help your new little addition settle into your new home .It is also a great way of giving your puppy 'down time' and you too

  • Worming

  • Socialization both with children adults and other dogs.

  • Microchipping

  • 12 month Genetic Health Guarantee

  • Information Booklet.This will have invaluable details for everything to do with your puppy's health and growing stages. Also health information for when puppies bigger.

  • For the rest of your puppies life knowing we will be there for any questions/help/asisstance required.


 Puppy Genetic Health Guarantee and Contract

All of our puppies are guaranteed to be in good health and free from visible signs of infection and contagious or communicable diseases when purchased. We guarantee the puppy to be free of any life threatening congenital defects for one year from the date of birth.  **Click here for PDF Puppy Genetic Health Guarantee and Contract

Whats not included with my puppy?

We are not able to guarentee that the size or colour of your puppy. Even with rigorous helath and genetic testing Mother Nature always likes to have surprises. Sometimes puppies coat colours can change overtime, as with the size. It may be helpful to search on the internet beforehand about the different variations that may happen.


 Deposit and Payment Policy

Once a puppy has been agreed upon between the buyer and seller,we will require a non-refundable deposit to be paid.As there are other families waiting to pick their puppies we do require the deposit to be paid within 24 hours.The deposit confirms the intent and commitment to provide a home to one of our puppies. We don't believe in putting half the money down for a pup, we believe in more of a common sense approach.

The deposit amount is $200

Pick of the litter- As a litter will not have, say 10 fawn females, we will try our best to assist the buyer making there selection.If neither of your first or second preferences are available we can leave your details on the waitlist for a future litter.

Payment can be made by Bank deposit or cash. Personal Cheques are accepted for the deposit only.


When is a deposit refundable ?

Because deposits indicate your intent and commitment to provide a home to one of our puppies deposits are only refundable if your puppy becomes unavailable due to health reasons prior to the date of sale otherwise the deposit is nonrefundable as such please carefully consider your decision prior to making a payment. The deposit amount will be used towards puppy pack and advertising expenses the cost of raising puppies is substantial and often  puppies may have an extended stay with our family.

Shopping List

The bare necessities $150-$200 -if you do not have these things on hand you are not ready to welcome your pet into your home.  Honestly many of these things can be obtained at a supermarket or Kmart.An animal supply store  can have very large mark ups. if you make a purchase do a little homework firt you will be sure to find something that's not too expensive Even Ebay you can buy a dog crate at quite a reasonable price.

  • Leash 1.2 metre long & Collar
  • ID Tag
  • Flea and Tick prevention
  • Shell pool*IMPORTANT*(See picture below)
  • 42" Dog Crate
  • Dog crate pad (see picture below)
  • Stainlees steel water bowl-heavier the better
  • Food bowl
  • Puppy Food Wet/Dry





"Extras" - Nice to have

  • Nylabone teether
  • Puppy pee pads
  • Toys



Why does my dog cost so much?

Our first experience shopping for a puppy we were really surprised of the prices differences. Some really high, some moderate.We had visited "breeders" dogs and yes these dogs were looked after, but its when we visited a home breeder,we could really see the difference of these puupies being loved around the clock. It does get frustrating when people assume having puppies is easy and highly rewarding with dollars. I had found some figures below to show you that it's very lucky if you can break even.

These are just some of the bare basic costs. Mother dogs may require emergency C-Section and around the clock vet care after the birth. Please see below for a break down of some of the costs associated.



We want to ensure not only clean puppies but healthy puppies too.

Pet Health Insurance

We can't stress enough how important Pet Insurance is. Personally we find it comforting knowing that when our precious furballs have needed urgent care we don't need to worry about the financial burden. There are plenty of Pet insurances around.Being a Bulldog type breed they are at a higher risk of things like heat stroke/breathing difficulties/ joint wear an tear etc, which can also mean a higher premium. Please do your homework before hand, will you be able to afford if your poochy needs urgent vet care?